Rodgy Guerrera and Partners srl

Rodgy Guerrera and Partners
Head Hunter Boutique specialising
in the search for and recruitment of managerial, creative
and specialist personnel in the
fashion, luxury, retail and design industries

An Important History
in Fashion Recruiting

Rodgy Guerrera and Partners run a Head Hunter Boutique based in Milan which specialises in the search for and selection of High and Middle Management personnel.

Set up to satisfy the demand for creative and design specialists, with its in-depth knowledge of the world of fashion, the company has developed specific skills in the recruitment of highly creative and truly specialised personnel.

Rodgy Guerrera and Partners has a team of recruiters and researchers with experience in recruiting and in companies operating in the fashion industry. We adopt the Executive Search method and work closely with the Client, who is kept fully informed at each stage in the search process.

With our multilingual, multicultural approach and consolidated experience in recruiting, we work in Italy directly and abroad, and guarantee the selection of the most suitable candidates and the optimisation of resources, to ensure that we achieve the precise result within the time limits specified.

With our experience and methodology, Rodgy Guerrera and Partners is the key Head Hunter in the search for the most suitable personnel for each situation.

The right candidates are out there. You just have to know how to find them.